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Naturopathic Consultation

Accepting new patients by interview only

Dr. Alana has very limited availability for new naturopathic clients. If you would like to work with Dr. Alana, then please submit the form below to request for a new patient interview. If she is unable accommodate you then she will refer you to the next best available practitioner for your condition.

We can’t stress enough that this is going to be a journey and that it is going to take time, persistence, consistency, consciousness towards the process, and above all compassion.

We require regular visits and check-ins to stay on track. Our goal is to establish a relationship and really work with you over time to create lasting changes. Regular visits and coaching sessions allow us to address:

Accountability:  ensures you are staying on track with your goals
Strategy Counselling: identifying obstacles to your success
Treatment Plan Clarification: answer questions about what you are doing and why
Goal Modification: taking a closer look at your health goals & modifying as needed
Resource Guides:  Receive additional resources you may need to achieve your goals

If there is one thing we can promise you, it’s that life will happen! As we work toward your health goals, new concerns will likely arise. Trust the process and stay on track, and you will get there.

Conditions Treated


  • Stress hormones
  • Sex hormones
  • Thyroid hormones


  • Food Sensitivity Testing
  • SIBO (Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth)
  • SIFO (Small Intestinal Fungal Overgrowth)
  • Other Digestive Disorders

Women’s Health

  • Menopause
  • PCOS
  • Birth Control
  • Hormones
  • Endometriosis
  • PMS
  • Fertility
  • Natural Family Planning

Chronic Illness

  • Mold Illness
  • Lyme Disease

The Initial Consultation Process


(30-60 minutes)
Prior to your first appointment, you’ll be sent a comprehensive intake form that will help capture a holistic view of your health history, lifestyle and beliefs. This will serve as a benchmark and help guide your treatment. Typically this can take between 30 to 60 minutes to complete.

Initial Appointment Part 1

(1.5 hours)
At your first appointment we will take the time to review your intake, get to know one another and map out some health goals. You’ll be sent away with an initial treatment plan and many resources to help you get started.

Initial Appointment Part 2

(1 hour)
At your second initial, we will review your progress and treatment plan so far, figure out what is and is not working, and adjust the plan from there.

Lab Testing & Results Review

Dr. Alana may advise you to have some lab testing done, so the next step is for you to complete your labs & begin your treatment plan. Once your labs are completed, Dr. Alana will wait for the results and we let you know once we receive them. Then we can review your labs together and determine the next steps.

Follow up

(30 minutes)
We want this change to fit you and your life, not consume all of your waking energy. Being open and honest with me throughout your program, and having regular check-ins allows us to make minor changes so that we can make the plan work for you. We want you feel empowered rather than defeated by the changes we are making.

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