Kelowna Vineyards

If there is one thing Kelowna is best known for, it is its fruit farming that cuts across the city. The city of Kelowna is known for winemaking and it has some of the best vineyards in Canada. If you enjoy wines and would like to visit some vineyards in Kelowna, below are the top vineyards to visit.

Calona Vineyards

The Calona Vineyards belong to Andrew Peller Ltd and it is one of the oldest vineyards in British Columbia. After years of operation in the winery industry, Calona Vineyard is known for producing award-winning wines. Calona Vineyard is located at 1125 Richter St and it is a nice place to visit if you care for freshly brewed wines. This vineyard employs both old and new ways of winemaking to produce refreshen wines with great taste. Every wine produced at Calona Vineyard comes with a special painting, thus making it stand out from the rest.

Tantalus Vineyards

Located at 1670 DeHart Road, Kelowna, Tantalus vineyard was established in 1972 and is known as one of the oldest wineries that’s still in existence. This vineyard sits on the slopes of the Okanagan Valley facing the alluring Lake Okanagan. Over the years, Tantalus Vineyard has built a strong reputation for itself, winning the LEED certification.

The Tantalus Vineyards was originally called Pioneer Vineyards. There is a tasting room where visitors can sip on the fine wines produced at the wineries. If you wish to take a tour around this vineyard, it has to be from Wednesday to Friday. During your tour, you will visit the winery, see the process of winemaking, and cap your visit by having a taste of the winery’s finest wines.

Camelot Vineyards

Camelot Vineyards is a family-owned vineyard that is located at 3489 East Kelowna Rd. If you enjoy freshly brewed wines, Camelot is one of the best places to visit in Kelowna. However, the visiting time for Camelot Vineyards needs to be gotten from its official website.

The Vibrant Vine

The Vibrant Vine is nothing short of its name as it is one of the most entertaining wineries in Kelowna. This vineyard is located at 3240 Pooley Road, Kelowna city. The Vibrant Vine has made an impact in the world, winning an award in 2013 as the world’s best white wine at the World Wine Competition held in Geneva, Switzerland. The tasting room of this vineyard offers a thrilling experience by making you have a 3D view of the winemaking process. To make things more thrilling, this vineyard offers live music from Friday to Sunday of every week.

Dr Alana Hendrickson