Kelowna Parks

Kelowna is a city that is known to have some of the best parks in Canada. If you enjoy visiting parks and like to know the parks in Kelowna, we have put together a list of the top parks to visit.

Knox Mountain

Knox Mountain is one of the top spots for tourists visiting Kelowna. If you love nature, Knox Mountain is a place to be in Kelowna. There are lots of wildlife to see, clean trails, and the mountain is exciting to climb. If you enjoy mountain biking, visiting here will give you an amazing experience.

Mission Creek Regional Park

The Mission Creek Regional Park is located at 2363 Springfield Road, city of Kelowna BC. If you are planning a picnic with your family or friends, this charming park is one of the best places to visit.

Kelowna City Park

The Kelowna City Park has several amenities such as a playground for kids, a swimming beach, and sports fields for sporting events. The Park is located at 1600 Abbott St and has a lot of space to accommodate many people. If you want to give your kids a nice treat, taking them here would be a perfect decision.

Waterfront Park

If you are looking for a scenic park with a large expanse of green area, Waterfront Park is the place to be. Located in the heart of Kelowna along Water Street close to restaurants, the Grand Hotel, Waterfront has cascading falls, swimming areas, landscaped gardens, and plenty of mindboggling features.

Bear Creek Provincial Park

Bear Creek Provincial Park is a natural wonderland that is located in the Central Okanagan Basin. This picturesque park features sandy beaches, lakeside camping, and perfectly marked hiking trails. Due to the busy nature of the park during summer, you may need to make reservations. Bear Creek is on Westside Road, Kelowna.

The Stuart Park

Stuart Park is an all-year-round park that gets you thrilled. If you enjoy skating and will be visiting the city of Kelowna, this park is definitely a place to be. Skateboarding during summer and ice skating during winter are some of the amazing features of this park.

Fintry Estate & Provincial Park

Very clean and nice spot for camping, the Fintry Estate & Provincial Park is situated near the water and has lots of playgrounds for kids. Fintry Park is characterized by waterfalls, beaches, alluring grassy areas, and shady trees.

Dr Alana Hendrickson