Kelowna City Park


One of the most scenic and accomplished venues for family outings, Kelowna City Park is a treasured location, easily one of the most popular parks within city limits. Wide, paved walkways, offshore swim platforms, pristine beaches, and kids’ playgrounds are just a few star attractions of this remarkable park. Tourists will also be fascinated by the iconic Sail sculpture that makes its home in the park.

City Park is easily accessible from anywhere in the city of Kelowna, its location making it one of the most popular destinations for both locals and tourists. There’s also a paved path winding its way through the park that makes it easy for wheelchairs to access. This path leads straight to grass lawns, a skateboard park, a playground, and playing fields for various sports and games.

The park supports a wide range of fun activities, making it an ideal location for the perfect family getaway. Sandwiched between Okanagan Lake and a sandy beach on one side, and restaurants and other attractions , this is a prime location for unwinding or simply for enjoying the views.

Things To Do

Depending on your interests, there are several activities that can be performed at this leafy park. Situated right next to the Okanagan Lake, it is a prime location for swimming and playing water sports with family members, friends, and even strangers. You can also watch the activities of para sailors and boaters while soaking up the sun on the sandy beach.

If you want a little action, head over to the playing fields and get involved in games of tennis, lawn bowling, beach volleyball, beach basketball,  and beach soccer. There are water parks for kids, a skateboard park, seasonal concession stands, and useful washroom facilities.

Away from the water, lush green spaces provide an almost picture perfect location for family picnics or for playing games such as tag. Finally, the paved walkway is perfect for walking, jogging, dog walking, or rollerblading.

How To Access City Park

The location makes it easily accessible from anywhere in Kelowna. However, visitors may experience challenges with finding parking spaces due to the large number of people that make their way there, particularly during summer. The park is typically open at all times, and there are no restrictions or applicable visiting hours. Dr Alana Hendrickson is located 10 minutes drive away.

Dining Options

If the food offered in any of the various concession stands is not to your liking, there are several restaurants nearby where you can find something that’s more to your taste. Earls Kitchen and Bar is just a short walk away, and they serve delicious American cuisine there. The standard of their service is pretty high, and there’s an excellent ambience in the place.

Curious Cafe & Bar Nocino is another popular option. This pizza bar offers good food and exceptional service, along with a lively atmosphere, particularly at night.

If you like Mexican food, you should check out Cantina del Centro. With a wide and varied tequila selection, this restaurant offers something different. The food is great too, as is the service.

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