Let’s get started

What to Expect

Health & Beauty is a journey, and treating it as an ongoing process is crucial to success.
If you’d like to know what to expect from our standard consultation & treatment process, see below for our recommended treatment steps.


Book a consultation or treatment

Book an appointment online through our online booking portal.


Intake process

Fill out the required billing information, intake forms & consents. Watched for the “Thanks for Booking” email sent from the Jane booking app. Inside there will be a link to fill out all your intake forms. We kindly ask you fill these out prior to your appointment.


Attend your appointment

We looking forward to seeing your beautiful face, whether it be in person or virtually! See below for instructions/directions.


Book a video check in

If youโ€™ve booked an aesthetic appointment, we recommend you book in for a 5 minute video consult/check in 2 weeks after your appointment and from there we can decide if any further work is needed!

Once your appointment rolls around you may feel you’re happy with the results and don’t need any further work done, in this case please make sure to cancel your appointment.


Book a follow up

Aesthetic procedures work best when you keep up on maintaining them.
We always recommend the following for follow up bookings

  • Botox: every 3 months
  • Fillers: every 6 months
  • Everything else: depending on your treatment needs (we can discuss that during your follow up appointment).