Boyce-Gyro Beach Park

Located at 3400 Lakeshore Road, Boyce-Gyro Beach Park is a lakefront recreational center that offers a lot to visitors. It features amenities such as swimming areas, sand volleyball courts, a playground, shade trees, etc. It is a good spot to spend some quality time with your friends and family. Meet friendly people at the beach and catch some fun interacting with other visitors.

Kelowna Beach Resorts

You don’t want to visit Kelowna without ever going to some of the beach resorts. Kelowna is known to have some of the best beaches in Canada. If you wish to know some of the beach resorts in Kelowna, we have put together a list of the best beaches to visit in Kelowna.

Rotary Beach Park

Rotary Beach Park is one of the finest beaches to have fun in Kelowna. It is located at 3736 Lakeshore Road and covers about 1.5 hectares. This beach park has exciting amenities such as a swimming area, a sand beach, clean trails, a playground for kids and adults, and restrooms. If you enjoy spending time on beaches, then you need to see this one out whenever you visit Kelowna. It operates from the morning hours till the evening hours, depending on the weather.

Hot Sand Beach

Hot Sand Beach is located in downtown Kelowna. This Iconic beach is one of the happening places you need to be whenever you step into Kelowna. Just as the name implies, the Hot Sand Beach can be somewhat hot during the summer. So, you may need to come with your umbrella to protect your feet from the hot sand. It is a vibrant location for outdoor activities such as beach soccer, volleyball, and basketball. All sorts of outdoor games for folks of all ages take place at this beach.

Strathcona Beach Park

It is a small beach park that is located at 2290 Abbott St, Kelowna. It is a place where couples and families can spend time in some green grassy spaces or laying on the sand beach. This may not be the place to get the party vibes but it is a nice spot for adults and children looking for quiet time.

Sarsons Beach Park, Kelowna

Located at 4398 Hobson Road, Sarsons Beach Park is a quiet beach that has shade trees, beach sand, and green grassy space for picnics. If you want to give your kids some special treats, Sarsons Beach has some facilities for kids. The beach covers about 1.10 hectares and is one of the hidden gems in Kelowna.

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