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Kelowna is a city that hardly lacks in terms of any good thing. If you are planning on relocating to the beautiful city of Kelowna with your kids, you don’t have to worry about their education because there are top schools that match the world’s standards. Whether you are looking for elementary, secondary, or post-secondary education, Kelowna can offer you the best.

Elementary School in Kelowna

Some of the best elementary schools to enroll your kids in Kelowna include:

  • Raymer Elementary School: This school is located at 657 Raymer Avenue, Kelowna, and offers great educational value to kids. Some of the programs and services of Raymer Elementary School include daycare, preschool, speech therapy, growth mindset, etc.
  • Lakeside School Kelowna: If you are looking for a private school and preschool for your kids, Lakeside is one to look out for. It is located at 429 Collett Road, Kelowna, and has a high educational standard that meets students’ developmental needs.

Other elementary schools in Kelowna include Casorso Elementary school, St. Joseph Catholic School, Kelowna, Christian School, Bankhead Elementary School, etc.

Secondary School in Kelowna

When it comes to secondary education, Kelowna stands tall among other communities in British Columbia. Some of the good public and private secondary schools to attend in Kelowna include:

  • Kelowna Secondary School: It is a public school that offers a lot of developmental services to students. Kelowna Secondary School has a solid reputation in graduating students of sound educational backgrounds.
  • Immaculate Regional High School: This is a Roman Catholic School that instills discipline in students and strives to get the best of out the students. It is located at 1493 K.L.O Road, Kelowna.

Apart from these two secondary schools, there are several other high-standard schools to enroll your kids in Kelowna. Some of them include Rutland Senior Secondary School, Okanagan Mission Secondary, Springvalley Middle School, Mount Boucherie Secondary School, George Elliot Secondary, etc.

Post-secondary Education in Kelowna

If you thought there were no university or post-secondary schools in Kelowna, then you are wrong. Did you know that The University of British Columbia has a campus in Kelowna? This campus accommodates more than 7,000 students, making the city a vibrant and youthful one. Students from all across the world study at the Kelowna campus, which helps to diversify the culture in the city.

Another post-secondary school in Kelowna is Kelowna College. This college has both local and international students in attendance. Some of the programs offered in Kelowna College include Arts, Business, Science, Tech, Health, etc. Living and schooling in Kelowna as a student will give you a lifetime experience.

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