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Aesthetic and Anti-Aging

Aesthetic and anti-aging medicine focus on regenerative therapies to help you look and feel your best. Aesthetics and anti-aging is continually expanding with more technology research….

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Acupuncture & Electroacupuncture

Acupuncture as a part of traditional Chinese medicine involves the use of thin, sharp needles inserted at specific points in the body to direct the bodies energy flow into a healthier pattern…

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Clinical Nutrition

What we put in our body is an important part of our health and the functioning of our bodies. Clinical nutrition uses food as medicine based on the latest research…

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Labs & Other Diagnostics

It is important to know not only what is being treated, but also a baseline for which we can follow up on to see improvements…

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Mind-Body Medicine

We are not separate from our minds, and often illness effects the mind, and as such the mind effects illness. As in naturopathic medicine, the whole person is treated, it is important that we…

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Hormone Balancing

Hormones are the messenger molecules in our body that communicate the turning on and off of various processes throughout the body. Hormones are affected by genetics, lifestyle, diet, environment, stress levels and many other factors.

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meet Dr. Alana Hendrickson

Alberta born and raised, and always knowing she would pursue a career in medicine, Alana embarked on her undergraduate degree at the University of Calgary within the Kinesiology program. Here she fostered her love for the body through the study of exercise and health physiology. This lead her to pursue her education in naturopathic medicine. She received her doctorate from Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine (SCNM) in Arizona. It was during this time that she discovered her passion for empowering people and their health through education and treating the underlying cause of illness. During her time at SCNM she also became passionately involved with Naturopaths Without Borders where she planned and volunteered at free monthly clinics to Rocky Point, Mexico.

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“life happens, injuries happen, our bodies age… as a naturopathic doctor I look at the whole body and work with you to identify the root cause of your individual health issues.”

-dr. alana hendrickson

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Dr. Alana Hendrickson BKin, ND
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